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Phew The Hobbit!!

By Zac de Silva | October 28, 2010

Hello world… All I can say is that I am relieved… I am non political in my comments (why, because I do not want to offend any potential customers ha!)… but… Yahooo. We “won” or should I say “re-won” the Hobbit. Forget about the $ and the economy (there is some money coming and and […]

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BUSINESS COACHING – First few weeks going well!!

By Zac de Silva | October 18, 2010

Hello world… I can report that the start up phase of “Business Changing” business is moving… along… I am lucky to be working with some very interesting clients. What is striking me as interesting is there really is some similarity between most of my clients… Successful business, great potential… But I am glad to report […]

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Hello world from Business Changing

By Zac de Silva | September 27, 2010

Well you have to start somewhere… This is my first ever blog. I have and do write for magazines (eg. currently writing monthly for Apparel, M2 and Retail magazines). Now I am a blogger! It is pretty exciting to have got here!!! Ok. Why “Business Changing”? From a personal career perspective I have built up […]

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